We integrate with people and expertise for efficient offshore energy production together with optimized Floater in the Oil & Gas CAPEX & OPEX solutions-Turning around towards to meet the low oil Scenario Budgets

Our vision

To be a world-class energy company delivering premium value consultancy to all our stakeholders in the offshore floater business

Our mission

Our mission is to be recognized as the leading independent provider for consulting services in the global market for floating production and helping our stakeholders with honesty, integrity, trust and moral values through innovative partnerships and to make sound strategic, technical and commercial decision about the development of oil & gas resources with premium value delivery.

Kamal Karthik

Kamal Karthik has close to 25 years of experience in the Oil & Gas industry, from a young Marine and Mechanical Offshore Sailing engineer towards Senior Mechanical and Project Manager with Reliance Petroleum. Journey started from offshore to onshore and then towards offshore with 17 years in the FPSO Marketing, technical, commercial, cost estimation, contracts, Project services, Quantity Surveillance and towards procurement from Lead Engineer towards Vice president from Thermax Bobcock and Wilcox, Schlumberger, Prosafe Productions, BW Offshore , Yinson Production. Kamal has proven track record of developing concepts both technical and commercial and throughout the Bid, Commercial and execution stages of the FPSO/FSO/MOPU, LNG, FSRU, Regasification power barges and other floater projects and has developed major offshore opportunity and with project completion with accuracy of Concepts through Cost estimation & Commercial proposal. Major contracts completed is about 3.5 billion US$ for either lease and operations or EPC sale of the Floating Production Systems with Oil and Gas companies. Kamal also experienced in Operations of Floaters and helped client to pass through the Crew and OPEX management. Both CAPEX & OPEX has a rich experience for Floaters. His International experience spreads all over the world including based in Singapore over 18 years. After graduating as a Mechanical and Marine Engineering from Annamalai University and from Ministry of Surface Transport Kamal obtained a Master of Business Administration with final capstone on Financing of Floaters and a General MBA from Pennsylvania University in USA. Currently developed various concepts to win opportunity based on low cost basis in relation to the Oil price Economics.

About KMAS Energy

OUR JOURNEY started in mid 2016 when we began challenging our passion on floaters for helping aspiring and early stage Offshore EPC Contractors including shipyards and topside contractors to supply the full EPC of the Floaters like FPSO/FSO/MOPU and LNG based FSRU and Power Barges and other financing solutions to provide a low CAPEX solutions and achieved success in one of the FPU projects for Indonesia. The wings are spread towards Asia pacific, Middle east, Korea, Brazil, Mexico, West & East Africa and China where the integrated approach is adopted to deliver the low cost Floaters in comparison with the Oil price scenario Economics.


We provided solutions with structure, guidance, and fund raising support as they solved important problems, served surging oil price economics and tackled unique challenges.


Success, we learned, is rooted in balancing four aims : bridging the know-how gap, gaining access to markets and networks, providing low cost CAPEX in the form of Joint ventures, and raising capital at critical junctures. A solid understanding of the partners of the consortium in finding and winning opportunity is paramount.


Equipped with these insights, we launched a new kind of early-stage services or consultancy program with a value based approach of uniting FPSO companies with shipyard, topside , Naval architecture engineering and finances provided to build a low cost competitive floater model on leveraging the current potential market scenario. Working with major proven partners both from design to execution for offshore floater projects , we offer from downstream to upstream of the floater market with valuable results on both Technical and commercial solutions

Recently our portfolio had made success in elevating ourselves from FPSO/FSO to MOPU, LNG based power barges & FSRUS which added to our accolades in closing few contracts on our consultancy program. Our current focus is on Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Angola, Ghana, Nigeria, Equatoria Guinea and China.


In the Floater market, projects are high capital intensive and Risk oriented, KMAS provides solution for the complete solutions from Estimation to Crew management to ideal solution to win and finance the project.


Both Kamal Karthik and Laurence Li an FPSO specialist a Naval Architect has joined forces based on their 25 years of experience in Floater market. Laurence Li has ample experience in Drilling and FPSO New build and conversions and previously was Deputy Director of China Merchants Group . Both together can provide efficient and economic solutions in the Floater market.

Business Model

Our Consultancy program is cost effective where the Floater companies can adopt the low cost and effective solutions starting from preparation of Proposal, Cost estimation and assessment and execution programs with our partner engineering, topside and shipyard associates. The Team shall work in customer premises to solve the critical issues and ideally located in the Business district of Singapore. Our technical background in naval architecture, Ocean engineering, marine and mechanical, Financial modelling , CAPEX & OPEX estimation, Offshore installation, drilling and production including process topsides and mooring systems



Our Services


Market Analysis and opportunity assessment


Arrange Project Finance based on Opportunity


Project and Construction Management


Procurement & Project Services Management


Asset Valuation


Field & Project Economics


Crew Management


Representation and Business Development


Project Risks and Cost evaluation


Pre QualificationProcess , FEED support on Technical & Commercial


New Building and Conversion support, Modification of existing Floaters


Tendering and Negotiation Services including floater contract management


Estimation of CAPEX & OPEX including Financial Modelling with recomendation on bareboat and operational day rate vs production profile

Our Integrated Services



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